Simple DIY Scrap Wood Anniversary Gift You Both Will Love

This simple Anniversary Decor will be an added treasure to your home for years and it’s simple and inexpensive to make.


Start with 2 2x4s, one cut 20″ and the other to 16″.


Cut a 45 degree angle on one end of each 2×4.


Put the 2x4s together with the flat ends level and draw a heart with the top of the heart about 4″ below the top of the shorter board.


Cut out the heart. I used a hole saw and a drill press to make the round part of the heart at the top and a saw to make the straight part of the heart up to the circle. You could also use a scroll or band saw to cut out the heart.


I then drilled 2 holes on the inside of each 2×4 lined up with the other and glued dowel rods in them to hold the 2x4s together.


Cut a 10″x10″x1″ board and attached the 2x4s to the center of the board by using wood screws from the bottom.


I then placed my initial “H” on the longer 2×4 and my wife’s initial “M” on the shorter 2×4 using paint. However, a wood burner used to do the lettering would look very good on this as well.


I proceeded to add our wedding day to the boards as well “Est. November 28, 1992” which not only provides a treasured memory to our living room but also insures that I don’t ever forget the date (your welcome men).


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